Niagara River Salmon Charters

Niagara River Salmon Charters  

Niagara River Salmon Charters focus on the incredible Lower Niagara Rivers “Devil’s Hole” . Located 2 miles north of the mighty Niagara Falls is the hot spot for the King Salmon! King Salmon (Chinook) is one of the most sought after trophies. King Salmon will move into the Niagara river in an attempt to spawn typically mid-September thru October. The Niagara River Salmon Charters take you past both American and Canadian Power Plants. This is an experience in itself! All fishing equipment, bait & tackle, fish cleaning and packaging are included in this Niagara River fishing charter adventure. This guided fishing trip leaves from the very scenic Lewiston Landing boat launch in Lewiston, New York. Bring your camera, this is a fishing trip you wo

Niagara River Salmon Charters

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n’t soon forget.  If you have never done this before, it is a must! Most of all, These fish will get your blood pumping! Excitement of having a King Salmon on the end of a 7’6″ medium heavy fishing rod, bent in half, ripping off drag is indescribable, You have too experience this Niagara River Salmon Charters yourself! 

Drift fishing on the Niagara river

With egg skein (Salmon Rowe) on a 3-way rig is an extremely effective method here on the Niagara River. This technique puts the rod and reel in the anglers hands. You feel the power of these river monsters first hand. Captain Stephen can put you on these fish, control the drift of the boat to keep you in the strike zone. This is the fishing trip that Captain Stephen Drabczyk specializes in, drift fishing.  The state record Chinook Salmon is 47lbs 15oz while 20lb fish are the normal. 3 fish limit per person are the regulations , You may have up to a 2 day limit of fish in your possession. Not to mention the outstanding table fair a Salmon steak on the grill is.  

Steelhead Trout and Brown Trout

Follow the Kings up the river to spawn are not out of the question either. A mixed bag of these species on Niagara River fishing charters are common place, especially in November.