Bass Fishing Charters

Bass fishing charters Niagara River

Bass fishing charters leave from the very scenic Lewiston Landing in Lewiston New York, which overlooks the famous Niagara Gorge. From here we have access to the “Niagara Bar”, which is located at the mouth of the Lower Niagara River, as it enters Lake Ontario. This area holds great numbers of Smallmouth Bass. The best Smallmouth Bass fishing charters of the year on the Niagara River are in the spring. Bass begin to seek out areas for spawning, where the water warms up faster than in the open lake. Anglers have a better chance of catching a 6 pound plus trophy in spring than any other time of year.

Both the Lake Erie Bass fishing charters and Niagara River Bass fishing Charters are great family outings, These trips keep the kids occupied with lots of action. LETS GO FISHING!!!!

Bass fishing charters, Take Me Fishing!

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Bass fishing Charters Lake Erie

 The finest Smallmouth Bass fishing can be found in the waters of Lake Erie. These big waters are second to none for Bass! Smallmouth Bass are one reason that so many fishermen come to the Greater Niagara Region. Smallmouth Bass are the most frequently caught fish species in Lake Erie. Lake Erie holds huge numbers of bass, and they grow to trophy size. The Last five New York State record Smallmouth Bass have come from Lake Erie. The current record standing at an impressive 8lbs. 4ozs. Most bass caught are between 2 and 4 pounds. There is good opportunity to catch a hefty 5 or 6 pound Bass. June through August, Lake Erie is the place to be!

Lake Erie bass fishing charters season      

  Open a full six weeks before the rest of the state. The third Saturday in April . This is a special Bass season! Allows you to keep one trophy sized Bass, over 20 inches. Bass Fishing Charter season opens the third Saturday in June. Daily limit is five with a 12 inch minimum length.  This Lake Erie Bass fishing Charter leaves from the Safe Harbor Marina in Buffalo New York. There is parking directly adjacent to the boat launch, so all you need to do is step out of your vehicle and onto the awaiting boat.

   As Lake Erie water warms, post-spawn Smallmouth bass move to deeper water zones where they will hold during the summer months. Summer Bass Fishing is best between 20 and 40 feet of water over bottom structure. Shoals and Reefs fished with 3-way rig drifted over these areas with live bait is a technique used with great success. Artificial bait “Tubes Jigs” are used effectively through cast and retrieve or vertical jigging.